Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Clean With No Debris

I swore my mom and my aide to secrecy, but thinking about it later, this is too funny not to share. Don't judge me. We all do what we have to do to get by.

I have very long hair. It takes a long time to wash. I also have mobility problems and get fatigued very easily. I use a shower chair, but I still have to rest after taking a shower before I can do anything else.

I saw a video on YouTube recently. A female astronaut was showing how she washed her hair in space. She wet her hair. (She said it wasn't necessary, but she got better results that way.) Then she used some kind of liquid or foam (I can't remember exactly,) to lather and massage into her hair. No rinsing needed. She just toweled it dry.

I have been looking for this stuff for months. All I can find is the powdery spray. I don't like that stuff. My hair feels dirtier after I use it. Plus the main ingredient being butane, well, not so good.

So my mom gave me a bottle of foamy shampoo stuff. This is the ingredient list:

Looks decent enough, right? No weird chemicals, everything natural.

I decided, what the heck. So I used it. And it was okay. Way better than the spray powdery stuff. My hair wasn't as clean as after a real shampoo, but it was good.

So I know you are all wondering what this great product was. Remember, no judging.

Dog shampoo!

Seriously, no rinse dog shampoo.

Here is the full back label information.

Now my coat is shiny and free of debris.

Do I get a treat?

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